Thursday, September 08, 2005

Car License Mania

Schiavoni ( started the thought process off in terms of a post, her post about the spotting of a Missouri plate in Amman got me thinking.

You see a lot of Iraqi cars in Amman, they are quite easily spotted, white numbers on a black background and all in Arabic. They are the complete opposite of the Saudi plates so easy to recognise in the Ammani traffic jams.

The variety and type of cars is immense, from 10 year old plus Mercedes and Daewoos and brand spanking new top of the range Mercedes and BMW's. The owners of the newer cars generally look well groomed and dripping in designer wear, I understand that there has been an influx of wealthy Iraqis into Jordan as the country is a relatively safe haven in a region of instability.

The thing I can't understand is that large parts of Iraq are in near anarchy with the rule of law being challenged by a variety of terrorist and criminal organisations, they seem to have a fully functioning new vehicle licensing department that registers all these new cars in good time.

I think not...

So who is registering these cars and whats stopping the country becoming a haven for stolen cars where you can simply disappear a car with minimal trouble?