Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jordanian Mobile Phones

Its time again for my periodic rant on all things Jordanian, my pet subject today is all things mobile (phone that is), I'll start with the unique (in my opinion) culture of mobile phones in Amman.

Jordanians pride themselves on the latest, greatest, best mobile phones they can lay their hands on, what I want to know, is how the hell they can afford it, the phones are expensive by UK standards, even on contract deals, this must be a significant expense for most Jordanians? Even our office driver has a better mobile than me!

Also, why two mobile phones, a lot of people have two mobile phones usually obviously on display on the belt holsters. Is this a status system, do their phones feel lonely and need company, is it buy one get one free?

Most Jordanians are glued to the phones, while driving, smoking Sheesha, drinking coffee, while meeting with their friends, a truly obsessed nation.

As a statement of how popular mobiles are here, there are currently four providers, Mobile Com, Fast Link, X press and Umniah, all for a population of six million people!!! There are only (I think) eight providers in the UK with nearly 56 million people!!! I heard a rumour that a 3G network will also be starting up here in the near future, yet more choice for the Jordanian consumer.

End of rant.....glad I got that off my chest!


Blogger Spazaz said...

Yes, I have noticed the same thing. Cells (The good ones) cost around 200 Jordanian Dinars, and people change them like shoes! I've never asked my parents to buy me a phone, even so I have owned 5 used phones from them, and my sister. It is just a way of staying in touch, because see Jordan has no pay phones on the streets, and it does not cost that much anymore.

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