Friday, July 01, 2005

War of the Worlds

Okay, I've just got back from watching War of the Worlds at the (on first impressions) rather nice Century cinema complex at the Zara Centre. Special effects great, acting great, plot line ok, finish - weak. But the reason for my rant is about 50 minutes into the film, two men arrive and sit down, now, will somebody please tell what is the point of that? You've missed nearly half the film, whats the point of going? Is this a Jordanian/Arabic thing or am I missing the point?


Blogger Isam Bayazidi said...

Well.. I am not sure if it is a Jordanian thing.. but for many, the story of the film comes in the second or third place after:
1. Action scenes
2. Love scenes
3. other intersting scenes..

so basically the movie to some is about descrete scenes that are interesting.. not about the story and other stuff :)

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